Conan Exiles game is pretty huge when it comes to the vast lands and desserts. The cruel thing about it is that you are placed right in the middle of enemy land in the game and if you don’t have enough information about how to survive in the game, you will be killed and left to be swollen by the deadly sand. This article tells you how to be resourceful in the game when needed.

Conan Exiles Best Practices

Conan Exiles Level up and Unlock Recipe:

When you level up in the game, you will get points and these points can be allocated to stats. These stats serve many purposes and the best ones to pick are Vitality, Strength, and Encumbrance. These will give you more health and help you carry more items, making it easier for the game characters. Then come the recipe and the only one that is worth the trouble earlier on is the Survivalist Recipe. This will work both as light and fire for you—light at night and fire to cook meat—as it uses a campfire. This will be way better than eating something gross as your health bar will get a boost very quickly when you eat it.

Conan Exiles Find Water, Food, and House:

Water and food are a part of your health so they obviously are needed every now and then. It is very useful to find a large stack of food and water in nearby places if you don’t want to die too soon. Finding food is really tough but water is plentiful in the nearby rivers and lakes. Apart from cooked meat that saves you from poisoning, you can always go for bugs that make a huge difference when you’re are at the edge of dying. After that the best practice is to build a house—doesn’t have to be big, even the small one will do—to stash your stuff into it. Getting a bed for the house is also good for you as it becomes your respawn point in the game.

Conan Exiles Make Friends and Horde:

It is a pretty huge world and having some friends for the journey not only makes it enjoyable but also helps you defend what you have. So make friends in the game or at least try but carefully as you might lose your head if picked the wrong person. Your friends will also help gather resources that will take you hours to find alone. There is nothing that you won’t need so pick everything and store it. You can always build a bigger house for more storage area.

Learn the Map and Fight Creatures:

The map in the game is static so when you get some time to see the surrounding areas, read the map as it will give you a better insight about everything. The level of difficulty increases when you move further North and West. You can find the iron and coal in dungeons of the North—not so easily though as you will have to kill your way out of it. The other best thing to level up is hunting down animals. Earlier on, just avoid fighting dangerous creatures and fight smaller ones but if you really want a serious boost, larger combats are a way to go.


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