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Apple is celebrating not only its ten years of existence, but an equal decade of providing the market with various cutting edge technology. They had this celebration in style with the unveiling of the traditional next-gen descendants of the iPhone series – the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8s – then they closed the account with a befitting iPhone X. Not wanting to be left out of all the excitement, game developers started releasing titles for the new operating system that runs on these phones; the iOS 11.

In this week, we have seen the launch of Morphite on the App store, and just of recent, we reported the appearance of The Witness on the same store. Now, Capcom wants some of the pie as they have introduced the latest title in their popular courtroom Ace Attorney series to the store.

Going by its full name (which I must say, is quite a mouthful), Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice has made a bow on the App store. For those that are conversant with the Apollo Justice series from the same developer, the logic behind a $0.99 pricing isn’t far-fetched.

The game can be installed and played on both iPhone and iPad. Note that as you play on, you will be greeted with some in-app purchases to make the gaming experience even better. The good news is that, unlike the base price for the purchase, the in-app purchases are all optional. Get playing on the small screens now, will ya?