Activison’s Call of Duty: WWII is completed already and ready for a November 3rd launch, but the game is still yet to be fully accepted by rating boards in different countries.

In that light, the action-packed, adventure game has made news for a possible sexual assault scene which is referenced and justified, according to the Australia’s Classification Board. The scene has since been taken by Activision, modified and submitted to the board for another rating.

Before the scene was edited out, the board would give the game a rating of 18+. Even after the modification has been made, the board still stands by its decision of keeping the 18+ rating

Spoilers about the scene follow this line

It is reported that in one part of the game, Rosseau (a female spy controlled by the player) infiltrates a building. In the building, a Nazi soldier is seen dragging a woman against her will into a closet.

The woman can be heard screaming profanities and cussing at the soldier as he keeps on dragging her. Once in the closet, Rosseau opens the door, and the soldier asks her to back off since its “none of your (her) business.”

Here, the player is given the option to either kill the soldier or just turn away. Should the player turn away and close the door, there is the sound of a fly unzipping and the woman screaming that he (the soldier) gets away from her. Although the scene is not shown, it is believed to largely justify sexual assault as part of the gameplay.

In response to this, Activision has since taken the game and edited out some subtle features in the scene. For one, the female prisoner would now wear a pant and top as opposed to skirt and top in the original one. Likewise, the sound effect that depicted the soldier unzipping his pants has been edited out.

What is unsure, at this point, is if this edited version will be limited to the Australian markets only, or be used worldwide.