World War 2 was first announced by Activision in April this year. Fans who crave this shooting adventure have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on it—and they will be able to in this November. All of the recent games in this franchise have been set in the future and taken far ahead but this installment will bring the past of the Call of Duty world. The development team of Sledgehammer Games is working on this project. Here’s everything we know about COD: WW2 so far.

Latest News and Reveals:

Sony released a brand new trailer for this game in their annual E3 conference this year.

Official Call of Duty®- WWII Reveal Trailer – YouTube

The fans totally freaked out because of the hands-on gameplay of the main campaign—consisting of 10 to 15 minutes footage. There isn’t much blind action and powerful warfare fantasy in this game but it compensates this fact by the presence of huge cinematic pieces in a whole new way. The main campaign is set in the ruins of an old European village and the main character of this single-player mission is Ronald Daniels. He is not some trained soldier and he doesn’t even have military experience. He is just a kid who wants to serve his country but has no idea what he is into with a gun in his hand at the wrong place. There is a lot of drama—that may seem meaningless—but the game is way intense with horror in the design and violence in the scene.


Announcement and Story details:

Activision hinted about this game when they announced back in February that this year’s game will bring the franchise back to its roots and they were totally right. Then they formally announced WW2 in April. After a few days, the story details and news about the Beta version came out that can be purchased by pre-ordering. In the campaign, a 19-year old Red from Texas who traveled to Europe for the first time—and a gun was shoved in his hands—is seen in a cut-scene moving side by side with soldiers who are taken down badly. Then there is a D-Day mission in the story where Red appears from the bloodied water of the Omaha beach and there are gunfire, explosions and endless screams all over the scene. The word horror seems small for Call of Duty: WW2 and for a good reason as the war is always hell.

(7) Official Call of Duty®- WWII Reveal Trailer [UK] – YouTube

Supporting Cast, War, and Modes:

(7) Official Call of Duty®- WWII – Multiplayer Reveal Trailer – YouTube

There are a few characters that will be helping Red throughout the journey in Europe. He is two father figures, Pearson who is sergeant played by Josh Duhamel who only cares about completing the mission even if he loses his men and then there is Lieutenant Turner who values his men above everything else. There is a lot of tension and drama going on between these two characters. There is a mission where you are in the German territory In Hurtgen Forest at the Belgian Border. There are beauty and peace in the surrounding greenery but then the Germans troops attack after spotting you and all hell breaks loose. There are still details to come about the multiplayer modes of the game especially the Zombie Mode that seems really exciting. There is a story-mode campaign called the Co-op that is separate and of course has Zombies in it too. This will be the turning point of the war.