Games modelled in the Battle Royale style have now become one of the top creams of the gaming industry. One of the best contenders we have on such boards is Fortnite, and we know a lot of you will agree with us. However, if you are one of those who always seem to get into one fix or the other, or you’ve never been one to claim the Victory Royale position, streaming the game from some of the best players we have could be the answer to all of your questions.

In that light, here are the very best Fortnite streams to watch on Twitch.


1 Shroud

With over 110 million views on all of his videos, Shroud maintains a position as one of the most watched Fortnite streamers on Twitch. He is known for releasing videos that deal mainly in updates or certain weapons, so you know what to look for when you are on his channel.

For now, we cannot give you a set period of time for when his streams go live. If you subscribe to his channel though, you’ll be able to get the latest videos as they go live


2 Nadeshot

Nadeshot did not start with Twitch but brought his trade there from YouTube. Likewise, he is known as a Call of Duty fanboy among most. However, when he does get to streaming Fortnite, he averages about 40 million views so we know he must be doing something right.

If you want to catch the most of him, that would be on YouTube. Thus, the best way to know when some action is going down is by subscribing to his channel


3 Ninja

We love the Ninja not only for his love of Fortnite but also for the fact that he has an awesome moniker to go with that. Having a presence on both Twitch and Twitter, Ninja records about 100 million views on his streaming videos. While Ninja is also highly specialized like the Shroud is, the fact that he tries to have as much fun as possible with the game makes his truly one of the best Fortnite streams.

The good news about Ninja is that he has set times for going live. The first session is usually in the morning around 9 AM CST and the second one comes around 7 PM CST at night. While you could always opt in at those times, it is better to just subscribe to his channel.


Wrap Up

With these three, we are sure that you will be getting almost everything, if not everything, you need to get ahead in Fortnite. New updates, weapons, tips and walkthroughs, to mention but a few, will all be at your reach.

So, who are your favourite Fortnite streamers on Twitch that you feel should have made this list?