Battlerite has now seen more than one year on the gaming blocks. Staying that long in the ever-growing gaming market must mean something and Stunlock Studios – the developers behind the genius that we see today – think so too. That is why they will now be taking the game away from early access and going on to launch a new competitive season. For those that have been following, this will be the first competitive season that the game will ever see.

To make things more interesting, the developers have teased a new champion for the game. This champion has been leaked under the name ‘Jamila the Shadowblade Assassin.’

Those who got early access to the game will tell you that a new champion means going through gaming hell before you can use them. The good news is that the official launch will make it easier to get these champions.

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Battlerite will now also get a system of daily quests with the new launch. According to the developers, players just ned to follow on-screen instructions to get through the quests for the day. After the completion of each quest, players will be able to earn rewards that they can redeem for in-game purchases and even unlock champions.

For those who don’t want to go through all these loops, there is also the option to get champions via real money. This feature was not made available to the early access testers but now, you are free to whip out your credit cards. To make things more competitive, a leaderboard feature will be activated for the top 200 gamers from each region.

Excited too? All we can do now is get to playing and see how the first competitive season compares to other Multiplayer Online games there are.