Available in many modes to be played on Xbox One and PS4. The war pigeons and the new destruction levels are a great addition. The second thing that is most crucial at some points is the louder music which makes the on-screen action look more amazing. The new maps with more challenges and marching order are pretty incredible too. Last but not the least, war stories at the end of the journey make this game a lot better than the previous version. All of these features in the most recent version are more than exciting but you need to keep some important points in mind if you want to play it like a pro even in the first attempt.

Battlefield 1 – Try every Vehicle

Battlefield 1 Gamer's Guide

Battlefield 1 offers quite a variety of vehicles so if you want to have a great start, just get into every vehicle you can find, test the speed of the vehicle, drive it around and see the canyon power and the weapon ranges of that vehicle. This will not only give you an idea of all the controls and weapons layout, but it will also help you destroy other vehicles—better in a multiplayer situation—as  the game is quite tricky at times.

Battlefield 1 – Better Mark the Targets

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It is a known fact in the professional gaming world that marking your targets is the best practice even if you have some sand storms or unseen conditions in the games, you are less likely to miss a chance. Besides, if a game lets you use this little useful feature, why not make the best use out of it? It also helps your partners to see where the giant vehicles like tanks are and it helps a lot in destroying them.

Battlefield 1 – Customization

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It is obviously easy to get a hold of things and know the options better after you have played the game a few times. So, always keep an eye on things and the new stuff that you can add to your existing classes to make them more objectified. For example, the game allows you to pick better guns with a range of other weapons you can purchase with every upgrade. Taking some time to check the things that can help you play better is the best way to get good ranking.

Battlefield 1 – Adjust the Settings and yourself

Battlefield 1

When you are a sniper, the only thing that keeps you on the top is the better adjustment of settings. Battlefield 1 allows you to adjust your soldier sensitivity and zoom sensitivity. When landing shots while moving around, keep your soldier sensitivity very high as it helps you look around faster and easier. And when you are looking through the scope of the gun while lifting it, zoom sensitivity helps you taking better shots.

For that, just keep your zooming speed low and then you can increase it later as you will have a steady hand as soon as you try to take a shot. In the end, work together with your team and do what is necessary for the overall benefit of your missions as it is a huge game and you will find many chances to contribute to your individual performance too.

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