Bandai Namco is known for its great games, but they are also known for one other thing – they don’t have most of their good titles on the Switch yet. To be more specific, they have only 3 of their games on the Switch platform so far.

However, according to the president of the game development company, that will change in the all-too nearest future.

In what is a very unique show of honesty, Mitsuaki Taguchi (Bandai Namco company president) admitted that the reason why they don’t have a lot of their games on the Switch engine was because they never thought it would catch on well with customers this fast.

After the poor comments from EA and Capcom in the past, all in the name of being guarded with information, this is a welcome statement.

Now that they have seen that reverse is the case, Switch and Bandai Namco games lovers are in for a big treat soon.