Gone are the days when visiting Washington DC was just going to be seeing the US’s seat of power. In a couple of months, it would also be the third location in the world to receive the immersive Mario Kart VR experience.

According to reports, Bandai Namco – the company behind the development of the Mario franchise – will be launching this new venture after successful tests in Japan and England.

This will be a first and welcome idea for the fans of the game, young and old alike. The idea of entering a virtual space with other lovers of the game and competing on a grand racing scene would be one welcome by all.

For now, the gameplay is based on the HTC Vive controller framework. Power-ups would be accessible to players via the use of hand-strapped trackers. You can thus toss the said powerup to either of Mario, Luigi, Peach or Yoshi – depending on who you are playing with.

To be introduced in the VR Zone Portal of the capital state, interested players should start gearing up for the October 1st launch.