ARMS: This article includes strategic tricks, insights, and those secret moves that can help you play arms very successfully on Nintendo Switch.


ARMS Keep Moving and Don’t Count:

The first best approach to play this game—as it’s an arcade game—is to never keep still as it gives your opponent to aim. The key is to make him guess wrong to give you more chances so that you can try things from different angles. When your character has the skill of mobility, make sure to use it to your advantage. Then you don’t have to count motion controls and such smaller things because that makes you really predictable and you can’t afford that in the game. This not only lets you throw big moves at your opponents but also gives you a chance to account for bigger things.


ARMS Have a Plan and Know your Weapons:

This game isn’t just about going in and throwing punches mindlessly so only attach when you have a strategy in your mind as wasting punches is bad for you. You can use complimentary attacks by making most of your character’s abilities and arms at hand like using one skill from one arm and using other for massive direct attacks, need to choose your weapons carefully by checking the weight of a weapon as bigger weapons are sure to damage weaker weapons in a clash. You can choose lighter weapons too but don’t lead to direct attacks then.


Master your Ability and Apply Basics:

Every character you pick has a unique special skill even if they can pick any weapon they want. The key is to combine this ability along with the arms at your disposal for the victories. For example some characters in the game have great dodging abilities so they can get past opponent’s defenses and then use fast attacking weapons. Then there is Spring Man who has good deflecting skills so he can help your avoid slow attacks. The basics include punching for the most part but it can’t win you victories alone. There is an order for basic operations that you have to follow in order to land successful attacks. Your opponents will throw a punch, block the attack, and then overpower you. All you need to do is to find a weakness in one of those areas and attack with everything you got.

Know the Stage and Look for Charge-Up:

Knowing at which stage you are on is as important as choosing your fighter or the arms that will go with it. There are a lot of stages that have hidden mechanics that you can use to your advantage. If your opponent isn’t familiar with the environment, that is the best chance for you to throw him off and get the high ground. And the key is to attack when you can damage the rival the most. You can’t just blindly land punches because that won’t have much effect. When you dodge an attack or land after a jump, then that gives your arms a boost and attacking at that time leads to significant damages to your opponents.


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