For the core gamers in the house, especially those who have migrated to the world of virtual reality, you know how important the graphics card you are running on is to your gaming experience. While everyone wants the best graphics card though, you will agree with me that these things don’t come cheap. Well, not until you met this post.

While not sacrificing quality for convenience – as that would make this list one of cheap (in every sense of the word) graphics card – here are some of the most affordable graphics cards for VR gaming.


1 AMD Radeon RX480

The AMD Radeon RX480 is one of the most inexpensive graphics cards you can use to enjoy your virtual reality experience. The card was first unveiled in the 2016 Computex show, beating the Nvidia announcement of the same year on a price-usability scale.

The card, which comes in options of both 4GB and 8GB, has the ability to process up to five teraflops of data, and bases its build on the AMD-developed Polaris architecture.

At the time of launch, the 4G option was selling just under $200 (at $199). Making a bold claim on the strength of this chipset, the Senior Vice President of AMD, Raja Koudri, claims that two of these chipsets in a single computing system will be more powerful than Nvidia’s GTX 1080 ($600)


2 GeForce GTX 1060

In the ranking of graphics cards that have been developed by Nvidia, the GeForce GTX 1060 would go on the shelf labelled mid-range. Not just any kind of midrange, but the top of the shelf type.

Based on the Pascal architecture, Nidia has optimised this GPU to give the best experience while consuming the least power possible. It also comes in two variants, one having 3GB of CPU memory, and the other doubled at 6GB. Both operate on the 192-bit system, but the 6GB (1280 CUDA cores) has more CUDA cores than the 3GB option (1152 CUDA cores), leading to a performance drop in the latter.

Regardless of where you’re getting it from, you should be able to snag one of these for less than $300


3 AMD Radeon RX 580

Coming one generation after that listed in #1 above, AMD still manages to keep the card affordable. Not just affordable, but with even better features compared to most in the same price range, or more. Based on the Polaris architecture too, the new Radeon RX 580 comes with support for very high definition (AAA) games. It offers one of the best visual experiences at 1440p of image rendering, and above all, also comes in 4GB and 8GB variants.

Surprisingly, this unit is sold in stores for less than $300.


Think we missed out one card you had a great experience with that was equally affordable? Let us know about it, and you might just get your pick onto our list of the most affordable graphics cards for VR gaming. You can also look through our list of our top five VR games for PC for some inspiration on what to load.