For those that got to play the Call of Duty: WWII PC beta, you are a lucky bunch. For those that didn’t, don’t worry, you’ll get to pay yours in November.

However, before then, you should know that Activision has found out some things that might be wrong with the game ever before its release. Isn’t that what a beta stage is for?

According to a blog post which was released by the Activision team, they expressed regret over the beta version being susceptible to cheating and hacking by unscrupulous individuals. They admitted that in the beta stage, they failed to implement the full suite of anti-cheat and anti-hacking technology that should have been.

Asides from making sure the playing grounds are even for everyone, some of the other additions Activision wishes to make for the PC version are

  • Availability of scroll bars on scrollable options.
  • Allowance of numerical entry to mouse and controlled sensitivity options
  • Streamlined game exit
  • UI indicates being in Party status
  • Video memory indicator
  • Warnings about video memory over commitment
  • Option to build lean left and right keys in multiplayer, and a few more options

Activision is ‘extremely grateful’ to the users who took part in the beta testing, and appreciates the responses it got. All that is left now is to wait for the launch