Leaving the actual world and immersing yourself into the virtual reality scene can provide a very pleasant experience. However, many are usually faced with the problem of motion sickness from time to time.

If you are one of such people, you will agree with us that this single issue can impair the experience for you. That is what Sony now wants to address for all the lovers of VR.

According to a recent patent which the company applied for in the year 2017, they will now be able to totally or partially eliminate the motion sickness that comes with the use of VR headsets. Although information about this patent was limited before, the publishing of the patent makes it possible to see just how the company hopes to go about this welcome improvement.

Sony’s new VR patent hopes to eliminate motion sickness

Upcoming VR headsets from Sony will make use of sensors which are in there to detect and calculate what is known as ‘health threshold vales.’ This value will be a function of stimulation and would be able to determine when a user is becoming over stimulated by the experience they are having.

The very fact that different people will enjoy stimulation at different times makes this tech more practical than having to set the same threshold value for everyone.

Somewhere in the patent can also be seen the addition of a microphone. The aim of this mic would be to pick up ‘negative words’ which could be used to determine when the user is not having comfort with the game anymore.

That being said, one can infer that Sony does not want to stop your VR experience at any time. Rather, they would like to give you more control over it.

More than what has been said above, the patent seems to contain rights to a wireless headset with a dedicated battery. This might not be anything in the end but we could also be looking at getting a more self-contained VR device in the future. That means the elimination of cables which used to be required in making connections with the PS VR console.

For now, everything Sony is planning for us in the VR world is very interesting. It remains to see when these upgrades will hit the market and also, the replies we could get from the likes of Vive and Rift.