Recall those weeks when there would be nothing new to play on the Nintendo Switch? Well, this week, you’ve got 99 problems, and finding a new thing on the Switch isn’t one of them.

While it is true that Nintendo has made up for their lengthy releases on Wii by taking more time and attention to the Switch, there hasn’t been a Switch release as detailed and populous as this one.

Too much talk doesn’t fill the bowl. How about we delve into what we can Switch to (all pun intended!) this week?

FIFA ‘18

Soccer fans, get in here!
FIFA ’18 is only the latest to debut in the line of what can be said to be the greatest soccer game franchise that has even hit consoles.

The game comes with the current holder of the World Best Footballer award, Cristiano Ronaldo, as the man whom all the focus is placed upon. We have not been able to review the game for ourselves, but we did hear to expect cut modes.
Expected to debut around September 29, the developers are already talking about how to keep supporting the Switch too.

Golf Story

I told you about this game as a standalone before, and it sure makes this list too. The game allows you to follow the journey of a young golfer who is given his last chance at playing the game on a pro level.

Is he going to succeed? Will he fall short and disappoint everyone? Well, that answer lies in your hands.

Picross S
Looking for some good, ol’ fashioned game of puzzle? Look no further than the Picross S. Having toyed with some consoles in the past, Jupiter Corporations might have learnt a thing or two that works and used it here.
The Picross S puzzles are mapped out on a 5×5 grid and would give you the thrill you’re looking for. What it won’t give you, however, is touch support.

Astro Bears Party

Astro Bears Party is truly a party. Simply, you can’t enjoy this game enough unless you play it against others. You would have to play against people by running around a planet and not runnning into each other.

The best part? You get to trick your opponents so that they mess up and you come out tops. Sounding more like the Hunger Games of video games, isn’t it?

Burning Fight

The brainchild of some inspiration that was born in the studios of ACA NEOGEO, you are tasked with taking on the roles of intelligence agents in both Japan and the US in order to infiltrate and fight a large crime syndicate that has taken over most of Japan.


Have you played Pinball before? Get ready to play Pinballs.

With binaries, you are to guide two balls through a course while charting out different paths for yourself. The interesting part is that you do this simultaneously.


And again, we get the 2D shooter games. Butcher takes us on a little throwback to the past, but that doesn’t do anything to reduce its quality

Conga Master Party

Conga Master Party was established on the idea of ‘the more, the merrier.’ Not only do you have to unlock a total of nine clubs, you’ll be able to do this posing as any of 40 different characters.

Yeah, we wrote that right – 40!

Competing to be the best Conga dancer, there are eight different multiplayer options to explore. If you’ve got the Switch, two of these are exclusive deals.


The theme is ancient, but the idea is not. Deemo is a rhythm game that asks you to keep time to the notes that tumble down the screen. You have over 200 pieces of music to cover, so it’s better you go get started now.

Inversus Deluxe

Have you conquered Inversus? Then you’re in for a new challenge.
There are 50 maps in this release, and a few hundreds of unlockable all through the map paths.

Featuring white and black grids to provide some challenge, you’re sure to find this another one worthy of your time

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe

The storyline remains the same, but we have two new characters this time around – Pato and Red Count.

You get to play as other members of the Straw-Hat pirate’s crew too, only that you’ll be seeing them in better graphics than ever before this time around


Pankapu is an exploration into the dream world of Djaha’rell. He is troubled by a most tragic incident, and you have to work with his dream’s storyline.

The platform games of the 90s sure gets homage from this game

Physical Contact: Picture Place

The game is picture-based, and it is multiplayer.

Think you have what it takes to win over your friend in a puzzle that works with pictures? Settle the doubts here.

Sparkle 2

After a release that saw some good acceptance and success in the gaming scene, the developers of Sparkle have gone on to release a sequel. Traditionally, it has been named Sparkle 2.

This marble-shooting, action-packed game has come back with a stunning 90 levels of four different modes – Story, Challenge, Cataclysm and Survival

Tower of Babel

No! Don’t be scared you’ll get to the top and lose your mind too.

This game is one of the few that allows you swap dimensions, even as you play. You can explore the mysterious tower of Babylon in any of 1D, 2D and even, 3D.

Overcome the tons of obstacles that are surely in your way, and there is no telling what you can find in there.